Brazil? Brazil! NETCOM2019, MOBI is coming!


When it comes to Brazil, the enthusiastic Samba dancing and those wonderful football matches must be the first things that come to your mind. Brazil is the largest country in South America and also one of the most important developing countries in the world. Brazil, the largest telecommunication market in Latin America, is regarded by global telecom operators and suppliers as the best place to break into the Latin America market. Netcom, the most professional communication exhibition in Central and South America holds here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On August 27-29, MOBI will travel to Brazil to participate in the event (NETCOM2019) for the first time.

Highlights of the Exhibition

At NETCOM2019, MOBI will showcase the latest 5G antenna, multi-band& multi-beam antenna, and cloud Wi-Fi solution.

5G is Here

On the frequency dimension, MOBI 5G antennas are from 1710MHz to 28GHz which could meet all the worldwide requirements for 5G. On the channel dimension, the MOBI 5G antenna can support 16TRX (16H1V), 32TRX (16H2V), 64TRX (16H4V), 128TRX (16H8V).

Power Your Signal

MOBI's latest panel antenna is up to 30 ports. Typical full-broadband 20-PORT antennas support 698-960 MHz 4T4R and 1710-2690 MHz 16T16R. For high density and high traffic coverage scenarios, MOBI provides multi-beam antenna solutions. Hybrid beam antenna can support multi-band with 698-960 MHz 4T4R and dual-beam with 1710-2690 MHz 4T4R.

4T4R (4 for transmitting&4 for receiving) / 16T16R (16 for transmitting&16 for receiving): Using MIMO technology (multi-channel input and multi-channel output) to improve communication quality, and improve system channel capacity and suppress signal fading without increasing antenna transmitting power.

Cloud Your Wi-Fi

MOBI panel 200 series cloud AP, BR-CAP212S, using 802.11a/b/g/n protocol, works at 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, MIMO dual-stream effect, maximum support 750Mbps transmission rate. Built-in MOBI radio frequency tuning, cloud smart antenna, smart channel selection, smart power adjustment and load balancing, performance is more than three times the traditional AP industry.

MOBI Outdoor 300 Series Cloud AP, BR-CAP 350E, 5GHz, adopts a new generation 802.11ac wireless protocol, the maximum connection speed reaches 866Mbps; 2.4GHz, supports 802.11n standard, and achieves a maximum 300Mbps wireless connection rate. Dual channels and dual frequencies bring 1.167Gbps Gigabit high-speed Wi-Fi access.

M3 whole-house router, three frequencies; 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wave 2, 2*2MIMO, maximum transmission power up to 20dBm, total power consumption is not more than 20W, support cloud management.

Welcome to MOBI’s booth at NETCOM2019 to learn more about our products!

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