A Briefing on the Second Marketing Conference in 2019


From July 12th to 13th, MOBI’s second marketing conference of the year was held in Shenzhen. The main topics of the conference were: the progress of each department’s goals in the first half year, problems at work and solutions, as well as the departments’ plans of second half year. Chairman and President Hu Xiang, Chief Executive Officer Liao Dong, Vice President Shao Zhiguo, Vice President Kong Weitong, Vice President Zhou Lingbo, Vice President Zeng Zhi, Vice President Ye Rong, Vice President Chen Yang as well as directors from marketing department, research department, operations department, quality department and finance department, relative employees, a total of 105 people attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Ms. Wu Qian, the chief financial officer, made an analysis and summary of the company's operating conditions in the first half year of 2019. With all the efforts of all employees, the company was in good condition in the first half year of 2019. For the second half year of 2019, she proposed that to ensure the realization of the year-round operating and sales golds, the company should have more focus on the business diversification, resource input and cost control.

At the meeting, directors from R&D department, marketing department, quality department and operations department also made a detailed analysis and summary of the progress of each department’s goals in the first half year, problems encountered at work and solutions. At the same time, they also planned the goals and implementation plans for the second half year of 2019.

Mr. Liao Dong, the CEO, summarized the company's business situation in the first half of the year and shared his opinions on the company's development in the second half of the year in his speech. Mr. Liao pointed out that, in the first half year of 2019, the company was in a good state, and each teams of the company had great improvements in their work. In the future, we should continue to focus on customers’ needs, technological innovation, quality control and internal efficiency improvement. More importantly, to focusing on improving the overall strength of the company, while building a better platform in human resources and corporate culture. We firmly believe that, with the opportunities and challenges brought by 5G, MOBI, a company that has accumulated 20 years of experience in the wireless communication industry, would take advantage of its own and march ahead to the future.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Hu Xiang, Chairman and President of the Board delivered his speech, he thinks that we should continue to maintain a positive relationship with customers and strive to create value for customers. In the internal management of the company, we should be practical with our work, and maintain a high degree of attention to the talent construction of the company, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company. This year is the 20th anniversary of MOBI, to us, it’s not only a milestone, but also a new start, we should continue to optimize the company's management system. Step by step, thus to realize the company's vision and become a first-class enterprise in the industry.

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