Duplexer/filter Return list

Product overview

Product description:

    A full range of supporting RF solutions is provided according to the different configuration needs of customer base station system.
    Duplexer: a unit consisting of two filters that enables duplex.
    Filter: the filter is a frequency selector, and its function is to allow the radio wave in a band to pass through to the greatest extent, while at the same time to prevent the radio wave in another to pass through.

Product application:

    The products had been applied to the mobile communication base stations with a variety of systems maturely and in batch, covering LTE FDD/TDD, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, DCS, GSM, CDMA etc.

Product related business:

    With the leading high automation level production line in the industry, including computer-aided debugging system, automatic test system, automatic locking screw equipment, automatic dispensing equipment, automatic welding equipment, automatic screw wearing machine, automatic assembling resonant pole machine, etc., the product quality and consistency can be ensured;

    For the quick response to market requirement, the company established the supporting machining, die-casting and electroplating center to control product quality and shorten the product conversion cycle.

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